With intention, we set forth our first event in support of our friends at DHOL, and their desire to build a tiny house village: Resurrection Village!  This group is inspiring others to believe the same can be done.  We know it can, just as it's being done in other cities in this country.  It is not only fiscally smart, but is also what our humanity requires us to do.


You are invited to attend our first Stone Soup event!!  We are excited and honored to be a part of humanity looking for equilibrium.  Please bring your family (kid friendly), friends and neighbors to 2500 Lawrence Street in Denver this Saturday, the 21st at noon, as we will be making soup with ingredients brought by all those attending.  If you would, please bring one vegetable, herb or spice to add to the pot!  

    There will be music, art, spoken word, dancing, eating and over all communing with human's from all walks of this planet.  We are working WITH and not FOR those without homes, to help our city have a fundamental shift in the way we have been looking at this, now epidemic.  

we all have the right ingredients

bring them to the table

Stone soup revival

A call to hands, hearts and minds!!

November 15th, 2015

Only a few days ago,  man in a wheel chair, who was on Denver's 16th Street Mall was asked to leave.  The man who asked the handicapped gentleman to leave was a Denver Police Officer.  But, before he left he was given a parting gift: A citation.  In the video captured, you can hear the officer tell the man he's been there too long!  Was this man causing trouble?  Was he being aggressive, or threatening others?  NO!  Evidently, one can't be handicapped AND homeless, and linger on Denver's 16th Street Mall.

A few weeks before that, Denver Police tore down many tiny houses in the down town area, that were build for the homeless before the mile high elements set in.  Ten individuals were arrested.  This incident has not gone unnoticed!  "Now This" found it important enough to spread the word!

Fifteen hundred miles away, the homeless have been inspired by DHOL (Denver Homeless Out Loud), and are taking the idea and running with it

"It is difficult to find people in that(homeless) circumstance who have not experienced ticketing, arrest, jail time, unaffordable fines or harsh encounters with law enforcement, mostly just for existing in the wrong place and time, violating curfew or loitering laws, ordinances against camping or even sitting, lying down or sleeping in your own legally parked car. - Nathan Woodliff-Stanley, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado