our recipe

You will find our first event happening fast and furious, but with absolute purpose and intention.  We are making soup!


Please come, bring a vegetable, a thought, a kind deed, an open heart.  For we will all be there waiting for you to add your ingredient, which will collectively yield us one, big beautiful soup!

Soup 2500 Lawrence, Denver

Mural 2350 Arapahoe, Denver

This Saturday at noon! 11-21-2015


we all have the right ingredients

bring them to the table

Stone soup revival

unprocessed food for thought and soul

We are a strong group of very diverse

humans, who have all found ourselves in a deep cauldron, a soup pot of sorts.

Our primary drive is to press our collective, creative energies into playing fields that are disparate, uneven and out of proportion.  

There is no "one" solution, but a myriad of them.  We know that the sum total of US/WE is greater than our parts.  Thus, the importance of the story of Stone Soup.